Muddy River Technologies

A Canadian company located in Delta, British Columbia, we create simple systems to treat sophisticated water and wastewater problems. Muddy River was founded on the belief that, with a solid understanding of physical, chemical, electrochemical and microbiological tools combined with an on-going process of trial and error, improved products could be developed.


See our industries and contaminants page for our extensive list of technical applications. If you don’t see your specific need please contact us. We are always pleased to offer new solutions. Our wide array of technologies can be customized to support many wastewater treatment needs.

Our Solutions

Muddy River Technologies prides itself on practical problem solving.  We work with you to understand your unique challenge, so we can deliver sophisticated solutions that are simply executed.  Wastewater treatment, clean and simple

Process Development and Design

Unique problems sometimes require unique solutions.Without re-inventing the wheel when a solution already exists, Muddy River can develop a solution to meet your unique requirements.Often the following steps apply:

  • Supported by results of bench scale testing, we develop treatment trains that have potential to meet project objectives.
  • Using results from more comprehensive bench scale or pilot scale tests, we size unit operations and determine which chemicals if any are needed and estimate their doses.
  • We design, build, operate, and optimize processes and provide on-going technical support.

Muddy River provides practical solutions and we carry a deep bag of tricks. We always welcome new opportunities to work collaboratively to develop useful solutions to new wastewater treatment challenges.