MikroForme Gas Contactor

Micro-bubbles have a very high surface area and a very low rise velocity in water that prolong gas/liquid contact time, thus increasing gas transfer with MikroForme.  Micro-bubbles can be exploited to transfer gases such as air, oxygen, ozone, or carbon dioxide into water.


MikroForme offers unrivalled gas contact efficiencies that out-perform traditional gas contactor systems. MikroForme is simple, compact, and virtually trouble free because micro-bubbles are created using a static device and only one moving part, the pump. Without the need for media or a bubble diffuser, MikroForme runs without fouling. MikroForme can be scaled to operate at any capacity.


Compared to MikroForme, the much larger bubbles of conventional gas/liquid contact systems have a lower surface area that rise up through water quickly, lowering gas/liquid contact time, thus compromising gas transfer.


MikroForme Gas Contactor Applications

  • Ozone disinfection or oxidation of wastewater contaminants or potable water
  • Air/oxygen/ozone to boost biological treatment
  • Oils extraction using carbon dioxide micro-bubbles
  • Combined gas transfer and gas flotation to separate solids