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gravitEC is electrocoagulation (EC) made simple.  gravitEC coagulates a wide range

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BlendAirTM uses spinning disks to create a vortex to efficiently mix solids or liquids

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Sewer sLick

Sewer sLick removes fats, oil and grease plus floating debris from municipal lift stations

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Hydraulic Classifier

A hydraulic classifier uses up flow of water through a vertical column to sort solid

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MikroForme uses a patented micro-bubble generator that creates bubbles of five microns

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MikroForme Flotation

By minimizing the size and maximizing the number of gas bubbles, MikroForme’s

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Flocculator creates mixing turbulence from wastewater flow to simply provide low

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Gas Stripping and Gas Contacting Solution

to adjust water chemistry

MikroForme Gas Contactor

Micro-bubbles have a very high surface area and a very low rise velocity in water

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SLick Oil Skimmer

sLick is Muddy River Technologies’ proprietary oil skimmer that efficiently removes

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A hydrocyclone is a static separation device that uses centripetal force to separate

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Treating Frac Water for Reuse

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Phosphorous removal and Harvesting

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Treating Water with Ozone

Ozone is a very strong oxidant

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